Short run, digital and variable foil is now a reality!

Any and all customers will agree foil gives most any job a huge “wow” factor in terms of finished appearance.  From biz cards to invitations, packaging and more, foil is on every “want” list but as soon as price is discussed, the conversation often ends.  The set-up costs are too high, especially for anything short run in nature.  Things have changed!!

The Vivid Matrix is a laminator as well as a foiling device that has done away with the traditional set-up costs. No, it’s not a speed demon/production machine but for shorter run work, it’s an ideal solution for giving your customers that extra “wow” factor that foil can provide.

So, what to do if higher production of this sort is needed?  MGI has the solution!  Check out this video showing their Meteor print engine coupled with their award winning iFoil system which makes for the Meteor Unlimited Colors Foiling solution!

Need to take it to the top in terms of digital, variable foil with tactile UV up to 200 microns in thickness?
JetVarnish3D stands alone in its abilities.

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End-users want foil.
Be the one that gives it to them!