Making your wide format better!

Do you struggle with wide format quality issues such as…

• Maintaining consistent color?

• Matching color between
printers and substrates?

• Matching reprints of a job over time?

If you answered YES to any of these items, Precision Profiling Services stands ready to address your concerns.

Color profiling is about consistent, repeatable color over time.

With proper profiling you should be able to output highest quality work with lower ink usage on printer “A” and six months later be able to print the same file on that same printer, or maybe on printer “B”, and get an exact match within the allowable Delta E for your shop. This is color profiling!

Oh, and by the way, with proper profiling, your printer can use up to

25% Less ink on every job!

Our services are on-site and customized to your needs, big or small.
Available for ONYX 12 & ONYX 18.

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