What can it do for YOU?

20 envelopes show up in your mailbox.  19 are white and one is red or dark blue with white print on it.  Which one captures your immediate attention?  Ask your customers this question.  EVERY one of them will agree the colored envelope is a huge attention getter.  So why not offer them a step up in their marketing efforts while personally reaping the benefits of a higher margin print job?

So much more than just envelopes though. Invitations, menu’s, door hangers, etc…  The limitations are your imaginations. 

The percentage of printers that are offering CMYK+White is still fairly small which means it’s not in the commodity box that’s overflowing with low, tight margin jobs!  Offer something different and make more money doing it!

Check out some of OKI’s interesting applications for CMYK+White!

Watch and learn all about our OKI C942 Digital 5 Color Printer.

Watch Mimosa Digital use the OKI C942dp for
high-end wedding stationery.

AlphaGraphics Cherry Hill Can Print on Just About Anything using the C942 from OKI.


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